Yesterday i went to one of Bangkoks many movie theatres to see „I am Legend“ with Will Smith. I don’t want to comment on that movie, but what i found most amazing was this:

Every 5-10 minutes of the movie there was something on the screen that i can only identify as a fingerprint. It was a code saying „E06“ that was flickering on the big screen. I could not take a picture inside the cinema for obvious legal and technical reasons. So i did a quick photoshop that comes quite close to what i can recall. (wait a few seconds)


Was it anoying? It was new so it was kind of interesting, but i’m sure if i have to see it in every movie that i want to enjoy it will get anoying.

I guess this code is an attemp to track down copyright violators, or maybe just so scare them? It would only make sense if a copyright violator uses the same cinema all the time. So this is probably another helpless action to solve the problem.

Did anyone else see this kind of code and what did it say in your case and where was it?